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Surf, share, and save digital media streams in tooner®'s 3-D spacial networking spaces. Ideal for phablets, tablets, and tv screencasting, and fun for your phone. Open up your mobile experience by launching your apps from tooner's 3-D launch pad. Go beyond text-based lists and enjoy tooner's rich social audiovisual player for music, art, news, photos, and videos from both your device and the web. Get a head start creating the first social multimedia spaces available across mobile and television screens as well as in augmented and virtual reality.

Upgrade to tooner Premium to experience your digital media as an Augmented Reality overlay on your device's live camera input.

tooner allows the collection and organization of many types of media streams, or spots, into easily accessible spaces. For instance, a web video can be saved alongside a few songs and a blog article. Since by joining tooner you create your own personal account and spot, you can also save your friends in spaces, to follow their video postings or to contact them. Each space you create can be shared publicly, or shared privately with people you can individually choose.

The 3 dimensional nature of tooner's spaces allows a spot to take on any shape, and to change shape, by selecting one of the growing library of shape spots and applying it to a photo or song, or just including it as is as part of a background. 3-D model creators can choose the Shape Spot type to join and upload any shape model in a zipfile. In this fashion, virtual sets can be created, where your imagination is the limit, for sharing selfies or video messages.

All members of tooner can access Public Spaces at any time with the simple touch of a button, and both spots and spaces can be searched for via voice command or keyword. Space navigation can also be controlled remotely by all the friends you've shared the space with. In other words, by turning spotting on, users in different places can control movement within the space together like in a multiplayer game, such as flipping through photos. By attaching a note to a spot, users can text each other back and forth within the space, all the while optionally erasing previous texts for privacy. Spots can be optionally associated with GPS coordinates to track movement, and spaces can also be geo-located to leave messages, photos, and videos for friends at specific real-world locations, creating a new dimension in messaging!

Spots can be scaled, rotated, and positioned to create an infinite variety of spaces, such as an art gallery, a virtual music album, or a panoramic photo background. Or just toon in to your on-device apps, music, pics, videos, and contacts while checking Public Spaces for the ever-growing list of feeds and original spaces created by other members. More space for mobile with tooner!

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